When is a public park not a park?  When it is destabilized by a roaring train, behind enemy lines, somewhere, elsewhere, here, now.   The occupied are going to occupy the occupation. 

In the Clouet Gardens ( a temporary public park) – a couple of nomadic tents, megaphones, dark money, deflated parachutes, a lawsuit, a steering wheel, a beacon of light and surveillance, and a chance to participate and resist.

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new orleans fringe festival  

11/2014   mau schoettle  



             enter the park, past the laundry line of posted public documents and dirty money



                  to one of several desolate speaking places





a telephone dangles from above – is redress possible?


sit on the swing

can you make the call 


the game of consequence       IMG_0016




The full text of The Coastal Erosion Lawsuit is being processed paragraph by paragraph in the poetry generator. In this game of CONSEQUENCE nothing more is revealed.

daylight to dusk

  IMG_0274     IMG_0131IMG_0273 


IMG_0003   IMG_0070 copy

surviving it up

IMG_0182                                                                           strings attached

unpacking the installation upon arrival in new orleans

IMG_0287IMG_0288IMG_0285IMG_0286 IMG_0033

the full text of the Coastal Erosion Lawsuit, edged in the orange fabric of jumpsuits made for the incarcerated…trying to draw out connections