what+where+who – november 19 – 23, 2014

the clouet gardens project, new orleans    

nov. 19 – 23,  2014   FRINGE FESTIVAL YARD ART

When is a park not a park?  When it is destabilized by a roaring train.

Are we behind enemy lines? Somewhere, elsewhere, here, now.

A public park in New Orleans, a de facto occupied territory, becomes site of resistance.  

 A site and sound installation with invitation to participate.

The full text of the Coastal Erosion Lawsuit will be strung across the park and another will be put through the poetry generator and played as the game of Consequence.  Parachutes and document file cases will be caught up in the trees.  Nomadic tents will be pitched.  Soap boxes with chairs. The perimeter of the territory will be scanned, while tree frogs call and morse code peeps.  An abandoned sliding board is covered in dirty money. And a large telephone will descend from the sky for ultimate redress.

an absurd but serious appeal for social & environmental justice

mau schoettle with help from Cynthia Pannucci, activists and J. Q. Public.

mau/mix by Jeff Mullan “Mixdown with Juno”
A train, plane, earth’s magnetic waves, an intergalactic recording in morse code of the greeting ‘hi’, and a symphony of night calling tree peepers.

contact: marianschoettle@gmail.com


 mau schoettle +

important topical links:


Full text: Oil, Gas and Pipeline Companies Sued for Louisiana Coastal Land Loss and Flood Risk









Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 12.18.52 PM
the clouet gardens project,  4pm – 8pm, november 19 – 23, 2014
the clouet gardens – clouet and royal streets, bywater, new orleans
contact: marianschoettle@gmail.com
mau/mix “Mixdown with Juno” by Jeff Mullan
A train, plane, earth’s magnetic waves, intergallactic morse code ‘hi’, and night calling peepers.

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